Clement Bass Prices and Options

All the basses I build are custom instruments with various wood combinations and hardware options. I think it is really exciting when my customers approach me with a dream bass and ask me to build it for them. In the process, we decide on hardware, wood selection, and so on. As a consequence, the price of the bass will be highly dependent on the options selected.
Clement Jon #173The base prices for Clement basses are:

  • 4-string: $1600 
  • 5-string: $1850 
  • 6-string: $2050 

The basic specifications included at this price are:

  • Mahogany or Basswood  (two-piece  one of the standard body shapes as shown on this page)
  • 4 string One-piece bolt-on hard maple neck more than 4 string 3 piece Maple is standard
  • Fretless un-lined Pau Ferro or Mesquite fingerboard
  • Two Bartolini pickups or Nordstrand Big Singles, Big Split, fat stack or Jazz pickups
  • Passive electronics (volume/volume/tone or volume/balance/tone)
  • Hipshot Ultralight tuners
  • Hipshot Type A bridge
  • Finish: Satin polyurethane finish on Spanish cedar and similar, oil finish on Mahogany, Swamp Ash, Black Limba, Walnut and similar.
  • Dunlop strap lock system

Depending on other options (or simplifications) the quote for your custom bass may differ from the base price listed above. Please look below for a list of available options. The list is not complete, so if you have other options you’d like for your bass, please contact me!

Additional options


  •  Swamp ash body + $100
  • Black Limba starting at $150
  • Other exotic body materials price depending on availability
  • Chambered body starting at +$200

Laminated top (polyurethane satin finish included with soft tops like spalted maple, Redwood and Spruce)

  • Book matched Black Limba tops starting at $75
  • Book matched Myrtlewood tops starting at $150
  • Redwood top $200 +
  • Spalted Maple tops starting at $250
  • Accent veneer under top   +$35
  • Matching back varied price
  • Accent veneer under back   +$35


Other body options

  • Inset Dunlop strap locks   +$20
  • String through body + $50
  • Satin Poly-urethane finish on body   +$100
  • Headless basses + $300


     *  1 piece Maple Standard on 4 strings. 3 piece Maple on all others.

  • Laminated 1/4 sawn Port Orford Cedar and Hard Maple + $150…. Very light very stiff
  • 5-piece laminated neck (depending on availability of wood) starting at +$100
  • Wenge and Hard Maple are available as stringers for necks.
  • NO Angled headstocks or “matching head plates”


  • Ebony + $100
  • Figured Maple  + $100
  • Other fingerboard materials depend on availability See what I have listed in the gallery
  • Fretted fingerboard
    • 4-string +$100
    • 5-string +$125
    • 6-string +$150
    • Stainless frets (add to fretting price) +$125
    • Fretted Dymondwood add $75
  • Lined fretless
    • 4-string +$50
    • 5-string +$75
    • 6-string +$100


  • One pickup only
    • 4-string -$50
    • 5-string -$75
    • 6-string -$100
  • Nordstrand, Audere or Bartolini Active System (including 9V battery box) starting at +$200
  • Piezo bridge (Hipshot Type A bridge w/Ghostec piezo saddles and Bartolini piezo buffer) starting at +$300


– Protec Contego Pro Case  +$150

The small ink

All the prices on this page are subject to change. Please contact me for a custom quote on your bass. All quotes are valid for 1 month from the day of reception of the offer.  Just as every bass player is unique, the instrument of their desires will also be unique. I’ll be happy to work with you on fulfilling your bass desires. So please get in touch with me and let me know what the bass of your dreams looks like. Please look over the basses I have done and try and give me as much information as you can so I will be able to get you a more acurate price quote. Looking forward to hearing from you!

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