Sold: Clement #366 Anne 5-string fretless (at Bass Central in Orlando)

This beautiful bass is a symphony of maple and ultra light Mahogany! It features a lightweight, light colored and heavy chambered mahogany body with a gorgeous flame maple top. A Nordstrand 51 P 5s A3 pickup is hidden under the birdseye maple pickup cover, and the bass is complimented by a Lightweight Mahogany neck with fretless birdseye maple fingerboard. The Hipshot bridge features Ghost piezo elements, Hipshot tuners and DR Black Beauty strings. Side dots at the “fret positions” and dots on the Birdseye knobs are glow in the dark. Only 6.6 LBS. 

Check the bass out at Bass Central web store!



366 full front

366 full rear

Below is the first video of the bass done before final sanding and finishing.



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