This album contains images of my earliest basses, and body shapes that are no longer offered.

Clement P-type #002

My second bass, based on a Precision shape. Fretless bass with a sandwich neck, and with a swamp ash body.

Clement Custom #003

This bass is my third, and one I still own and play regularly. It is loosely based on the Zeta Crossover bass. It's built using mahogany, bubinga and wenge.

Clement P-type #004

An early P-type bass with beautiful figured body.

Clement J-type #007

An early J-type bass with a multi-laminated body and PJ pickups.

Clement P-type #010

Early heavily chambered P-type bass

Clement P-type #012

Mahogany body, cherry neck with bubinga fingerboard.

Clement P-type #013

Chambered alder body with a walnut top. Mahogany, bubinga and wenge neck with a bubinga fingerboard. G&L pickup

Clement P-type #014

Mahogany body with a walnut top. Cherry neck with a wenge fingerboard.

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