My Basses Tom Clement Basses are truly custom and are built to my customer's specifications, using top quality woods, electronics and workmanship. When you play one of my custom basses, it is my wish that you feel as good as I did when I built it! All my basses are built by hand in my workshop in Florida. I love creating basses using the finest woods and material and shaping it into a beautiful instrument. 

A Tom Clement Custom Bass is your way of getting the bass of your dreams!

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Immortal Guardian permiere “Aeolian” video!
The group Immortal Guardian - featuring Thad Stevens on his Clement bass - has just premiered their new "Aeolian" video. Check them out here! Check them out here (at
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Clement Artist Thad Stevens
Thad Stevens - fuelling Immortal Guardian and Descendants of Erdrick
Tell us about your career! I performed in jazz contexts through high school and college, but my career proper started with joining progressive metal band Ethereal Architect in late 2011 and recording on their second album, Monolith. Since then I've had opportunities to play with a bunch of talented musicians and have a lot of fun experiences. But I'm just getting started! I'm currently performing with Immortal Guardian and Descendants of Erdrick. (more…)
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Clement Artist Robert Jack
Robert Jack - Holding down the bass end for A Decade of Soul at BB Kings NYC 
Clement Artist Robert JackTell us about your career! I currently play in A Decade of Soul. a 1964-1973 Classic Soul Revue. We play 2 shows nightly every weekend at BB Kings NYC. This style and type of music is my favorite to play. The songs are all timeless, the bass lines are  killer. It's a great gig and fun to be a part of. We have been playing there going on 8 years. (more…)
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Clement Artist Ray Salyer
Ray Salyer - Session musician and touring bassist with John Michael Montgomery
Clement Artist Ray SalyerTell us about your career! When I started learning this great instrument and eventually got better at playing it, I set goals for myself. The first was to become a session bassist. In 1985 I started doing session work and still do to this day. (more…)
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Clement Artist Chuck Jones
Chuck Jones - Session and touring bass player in Nashville
Chuck Jones with the second Clement Charity Bass!

Chuck Jones with the second Clement Charity Bass!

Chuck Jones was the man who helped me raise money for the Corpus Christie Ronald McDonald house. He was a session player and touring bass player for several well-known Nashville artists and bands. It was devastating when Chuck passed away unexpectedly in Febuary 2014. Thank you for everything, Chuck! (more…)
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Instruments in stock

Sold: Clement #401 Kim 5-string (at Bass Central in Orlando)
  Clement #401 Kim 5-string bass is currently for sale at Bass Central in Orlando. SOLD Check out this bass at Bass Central web store! (more…)
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Sold: Clement #389 Felicia 6-string $2400 including Protech case and shipping to most locations.
This Felicia features a one-piece swamp ash body, a roasted maple neck with a 24-fret flame maple fretboard. Nordstrand Big Single pickups and Nordstrand preamp. Only 7.7 Lbs. (more…)
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Sold: Clement #366 Anne 5-string fretless (at Bass Central in Orlando)
This beautiful bass is a symphony of maple and ultra light Mahogany! It features a lightweight, light colored and heavy chambered mahogany body with a gorgeous flame maple top. A Nordstrand 51 P 5s A3 pickup is hidden under the birdseye maple pickup cover, and the bass is complimented by a Lightweight Mahogany neck with fretless birdseye maple fingerboard. The Hipshot bridge features Ghost piezo elements, Hipshot tuners and DR Black Beauty strings. Side dots at the "fret positions" and dots on the Birdseye knobs are glow in the dark. Only 6.6 LBS.  Check the bass out at Bass Central web store! (more…)
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Warranty, Terms and Conditions

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After looking over the website and price list contact me via e-mail to discuss your custom bass guitar. Once we figure out the details I will generate a custom quote with a list of specs and features. The price and time frame are good for 30 days. (more…)
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