These are my basses inspired by traditional and retro designs

Clement 432 Kim

Swamp Ash body with Birdseye Maple top. Pao Ferro fretboard and Nordstrand active system and Big Split pickups 7.45 Lbs.

Clement 431 Kim

Swamp Ash body with flame Sweet Chestnut top. Flame Maple and Wenge neck with flame Ipe fingerboard Nordstrand P-J set and Noll preamp 8.55 Lbs.

Clement 412 Kim

19-34-5 Lined KimMyrtlewood top with Swamp Ash body. Nordstrand pickups and preamp. Maple neck with Ebony fingerboard. 8.5 Lbs.

Clement 410 Kim

19-32-5 Claro Walnut top Swamp Ash body. Port Orford Cedar/Maple neck Hipshot Piezo bridge and Bartolini electronics. Lined 28 positions. 8 Lbs.

Clement 404

19-34-4 P neck Kim Butternut body with Maple Burl top. Maple neck and Birdseye Maple fretboard. 2 Nordstrand Bigman pickups. 7.7 Lbs.

Clement 401 Kim

Maple Burl top over Black Limba body. Black Limba and Wenge neck with Ebony fretboard. Nordstrand preamp and P-J pickup set. 8.8 Lbs.

Clement 400 Kim

4 string Kim with a Flame Lightweight Mahogany body, Roasted Maple neck and Bubinga fretboard. Nordstrand NP4a neck pickup and Big Split bridge one. 7.3 Lbs.

Clement #390 Kim

Swamp Ash body with Myrtlewood top. Maple neck with fretted Ebony board. Nordstrand NJ5 pickup and 3 band preamp. 8.0 Lbs.

Clement #383

17-35-6 Kim Swamp Ash body with Redwood top. Maple with Bubinga stripped neck. Calico roasted Birdseye Maple fretboard and Nordstrand electronics. 7.9 Lbs.

Clement # 381

19-34-5 Kim Limba body with Quilted Maple top. Flame Maple and Bubinga neck with Ebony fretboard. Nordstrand preamp and active system. 11.0 Lbs.

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