These are my original designs and where everything started

Clement 396 Alto

Spanish Cedar body with Flame Maple top. Paduak neck and Pao Ferro lined fingerboard. Nordstrand big single pickups 6.6 lbs.

Clement #377

19-34-4 Mike Flame Maple core with Swamp Ash wings and Flame Maple top. Roasted Flame Maple neck and flame Wild Olive fingerboard. Nordstrand pickups and preamp. 8.0 Lbs.

Clement #353

19-34-4 Allen Lightweight Black Limba body and neck. Ebony fingerboard and Nordstrand Fat Stacks. 6.9 lbs.

Clement #343

19-34-5 Jon Mahogany body with Franquette Walnut top 5.2 Nordstrand MM pup and active system Mahogany and Wenge neck. 8.85 lbs.

Clement #342

17-35-6 Wide Joan Swamp Ash body with Maple Burl top. Black Limba and Wenge neck with Black and White Ebony fingerboard. Bartolini Pickups and active system. 8.55 Lbs.

Clement #338

18-34-5 Mike lightweight Equatorial Mahogany with a Maple Burl top. Walnut stain oil on body. EMG pickups. Roasted Maple neck and Bocote fingerboard. 7.75 Lbs.

Clement #337

18-35-5 Wide Joan Paduak body with a Flame Maple top. Maple neck with Paduak stringers and a Mesquite fretboard. Audere active system and Nordstrand big Split pickups. 10.1 lbs.

Clement #330

18-35-5 Wide Joan Limba body with neck from the same board with Wenge stringers. Claro Walnut top. Mesquite lined fingerboard. Nordstrand big split pickups and active unit. hipshot piezo bridge. 9.3 Lbs.

Clement #326

19-34-5 Wide Joan Swamp Ash body and Mahogany and Wenge neck with Macassar Ebony fretboard. Aguilar preamp and NJ-5 Nordstrand pickups. 7.45 Lbs.

Clement #312

18-34-5 Limba body and neck. Myrtlewood top. Fretted Dymondwood board. Audre preamp and Bartolini pickups.

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