They’ll have to pry this baby from my cold, dead fingers…

156I wanted to let you know that I received the bass about an hour ago and have been busy putting her through the paces.

I’ve owned a TON of basses in my 25+ years of playing, including “high end” basses and I can honestly say that this puppy will hold her own against any of them.  I have no remorse or regret selling an Alembic for #156.  You sir, have the potential to make a Clement bass addict out of me.

What was especially striking was the weight…extremely light (compared to my Fenders/Music Man) and extraordinary well balanced when either sitting or strapped on…I noticed ZERO neck dive.  The finish is superb (my wife and daughters approve!) and the electronics EXACTLY what I had envisioned.  The sound is remarkable pumping out of my MarkBass cabs, and I cannot wait to get this to rehearsal. 😉

Thanks for making an absoulte KILLER bass at an affordable price, and being a hell of a guy to boot.

I already know what I want in a five-string, but that’s a story for a later date, eh?

For now, let me enjoy…

Have a great one,



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