Yeah, and I’m extremely impressed.


– – Build #157 – –

I took the bass to a couple of rehearsals and people were dumbfounded by how beautiful she is.    I love the way the bass plays, and the tone is incredible.   I’ve found my self turning all effects off and EQing less than ever on my Demeter rig.   It feels pretty light to me and very well balanced, the fit is perfect. …..

The range will take me a while to get together, I’ve never had a 6 string with more than a 24 fret fingerboard,  but the tone is pleasing all the way up, no brittleness or lack of resonance,   and the lows thunder.   The neck really got me, its thin but feels so natural, I was able to play a lot of stuff in tune on first play without much adjusting of the chops.   and is smells great , Is that the oil finish or the wood or both? thank you thank you thank you,   jd

Sound File….

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