My Basses

Tom Clement Basses are truly custom and are built to my customer's specifications, using top quality woods, electronics and workmanship. When you play one of my custom basses, it is my wish that you feel as good as I did when I built it! All my basses are built by hand in my workshop in Florida. I love creating basses using the finest woods and material and shaping it into a beautiful instrument. 

A Tom Clement Custom Bass is your way of getting the bass of your dreams!

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My Guitars

Clement PamelaTom Clement Basses & Guitars is proud to present the Clement Pamela electric guitar.

As my basses, all my guitars are built to my customers' exact specifications. Tom Clement Guitars is your chance to pursue the guitar of your dreams.

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Instruments in stock

Sold # 374 19-34-5 Kim
374 has  a Swamp Ash body with a heavily figured Myrtle top. the neck is birdseye Maple and has a Birdseye burl fretboard. Nordstrand split coil Jazz pickups and a 2 band preamp Volume pull up for passive, blend, passive tone and a bass and treble stack. the bass weighs only 8.05 Lbs. Now for sale at Bass Central! (more…)
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Sold # 373 18-34-6 Darlene
# 373 has a heavily chambered body with a Maple center block and White Limba wings. The top is bookmatched Claro Walnut. The neck is 1 piece Flame hard Maple with a wild Olive fretboard. A Delano MC6 HE/S pickup is connected to a series/parallel/ single coil switch then to a Nordstrand 3B3 preamp Volume with pull up for passive Mid with pull up for frequency change and a bass Treble stack. The bass weighs only 8.2 Lbs. Now for sale at Bass Central! (more…)
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For sale: Clement #366 Anne 5-string fretless. Back home now and reduced ($2400) to $1950
  This beautiful bass is a symphony of maple and ultra light Mahogany! It features a lightweight, light colored and heavy chambered mahogany body with a gorgeous flame maple top. A Nordstrand 51 P 5s A3 pickup is hidden under the birdseye maple pickup cover, and the bass is complimented by a Lightweight Mahogany neck with fretless birdseye maple fingerboard. The Hipshot bridge features Ghost piezo elements, Hipshot tuners and DR Black Beauty strings. Side dots at the "fret positions" and dots on the Birdseye knobs are glow in the dark. Only 6.6 LBS.   (more…)
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Sold at Luthiers Access Clement #362 Kim 5-string bass
  On its way to Luthiers Access in Chicago contact them if interested. Includes a Mono bass sleeve. Clement #362 Kim 5-string features a light weight swamp ash body with a beautiful myrtlewood top. A black veneer makes the top stand out! The body is complimented by a one-piece maple neck with a fretted macassar ebony fingerboard. Nordstrand Jazz pickups and a Nordstrand preamp will provide this beautiful bass with everything from classic jazz tones to modern active sounds! Only 7.8 Lbs. (more…)
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Sold: Clement #359 Angel 4-string w/TV Jones pickups
Sold Up for grabs is a treat for the retro lovers out there! This bass features a mahogany body with a myrtlewood top, TV Jones Tunder'tron pickups, a Heavily Figured roasted maple neck with cocobolo fretboard, and Hipshot hardware with lollipop tuners! This bass represents Thunderbird meets Clement for lunch! (more…)
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